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dubgoddess is all about the energy

   we are all energy.  everything and everyone resonates at a particular frequency, creating all that we hear and see all around us.  so it is with all of the beats and textures that flow from our minds, influenced by the electricity of the cosmos


indeed, from the multiverses that surround us, and, of which we are all different yet the same

the fact that we are all here in the first place is, in and of itself, extraordinary.

all of the water on our earth is cosmic. every drop is from outer space.

like rain that collects in a storm, so do we collect, absorb, and disperse the Beats (like many others) for cosmic Fun(k) to be displayed.

there is depth and thought in what we do because the honing of art is continuous.

what is it that makes us all move?

why do frequencies affect us the way that they do?

as we further explore our galaxy (most recently, pluto, a mere 3 billion miles away), it can become clear to us how our beats should be, and, whether or not they are pleasing to us.

the result of attention to flow and following a feeling or variation of a particular vein of energy (without interruption from our conscious minds), from start to finish, is always a good one.

dubgoddess is all things cosmic, fun, scientific, and bass-based electronics.

a beat is a positive thing.

it makes things happen and moves us to action (of one type or another).

sounds and textures come from everywhere, referencing always the origin of all sounds: nature.

our music reflects our deliberate interaction with the universal energy which is, of course, available to all of us.

we are all part of the whole thing.

the dub is the boundary where there are no boundaries.

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